Resources for Fundraisers

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel! Fundraising is easier when you know some best practices and have the right tools.

Fundraising Best Practices

#1. Tell our story by telling your story
Even if your friends don’t know much about International Medical Corps, chances are they want to help you succeed at something you’re passionate about. So tell them why our work matters to you.

#2. Remember to ask people to donate
Sometimes it can be hard to ask for donations. But studies show that if you don’t ASK, people are much less likely to donate.

#3. Have a specific goal and a deadline
Studies have shown that people are more willing to donate as you get closer to your fundraising goal. A specific goal will give your friends something to help you achieve, and a deadline will add urgency to your request.

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How to Promote Your Fundraiser

Use pictures
A picture is worth a thousand words! Use video and pictures to help people see who will benefit from their donations.

Use stories
A personal anecdote about why YOU support International Medical Corps will help people understand why our work is important and worthy of their support.

A personal story about somebody who has benefited from our work (for example, a story from our website) helps people see the impact they can have.

Use social media

Change your cover photo or profile picture on Facebook to reflect your fundraising campaign. Share your fundraiser on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Use email

Email your friends, family and colleagues telling them about your fundraiser and the opportunity to support our work.

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How to Ask for Donations

When you ask people to donate, you’re giving them an opportunity to make a difference.

Sometimes it can be hard to ask for things. But studies show that if you don’t ASK, people are much less likely to donate.

And think about your friends. Most of them are probably people who want to help others. Why? Because most people want to help others when they can. (Think about the times you’ve helped friends who asked for help!)

Present the opportunity to donate confidently and directly. For example, “I’m asking if you would make a donation of $20 or more today.”

And don’t take it personally if people don’t give. Everybody has different interests. You just want to be sure that the people who are interested in supporting you or the work that International Medical Corps does have the opportunity to offer their support.

Additional Tools for Fundraisers

Videos & Pictures

Use pictures & videos to increase your success

We’ve put together a collection of pictures and videos you can use to help tell the story of why you’re fundraising for International Medical Corps.

CLICK HERE to access our Dropbox.

Pre-written Content

Copy and paste or edit to create your own

We’ve created some pre-written fundraising text for emails and social media posts that you can cut, paste and use as-is, or edit to better suit your purpose.

CLICK HERE to download the document.

Online Platforms

Use Facebook or Crowdrise for fundraising

Online platforms make fundraising easy. Two of our favorites are Facebook Fundraisers and Crowdrise. Using these platforms your friends and family can donate online to your fundraiser, and the gifts go directly to International Medical Corps. No forms to fill out, nothing to keep track of or mail in. It’s fundraising made easy!

How to set up Crowdrise (video)

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How to set up a Fundraiser on Facebook (video)

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